One-day pre-trip to Shintotsukawa

One-day pre-excursion with students to Shintotsukawa went really well: Fantastic weather, productive meeting with the local women and representatives of the local government about local food and inspection of various food shops in town and…of course tasting various delicacies J 今年7月に予定する新十津川フードワークショップの前の日帰り見学無事終了。真夏の天気に恵まれ、地元の奥さん達と役場の方と地元の食文化について議論したり、町にあ色々なフード関係の店を訪問したり、そして美味しいものを色々試食して一日があっという間に終わり。

Shintotsukawa Board 29.4 degrees

Shintotsukawa Station to Yakuba Walk

Yoshida Wurst Entrance

Coop outside

Shintotsukawa Yakuba Meeting room

May 23, 2016