Undergraduate Teaching

My main teaching at Hokkaido University at the undergraduate level is classes on the Modern Japanese Studies Program. The courses that I teach are available via this website.

Courses offered on the Modern Japanese Studies Program may also be taken by exchange students on the Hokkaido University Short Term Exchange Program (HUSTEP) and the Japanese Language and Culture Studies Program (JLCSP), and by Hokkaido University students as International Exchange classes (kokusai koryu kamoku). Students who are members of Nitobe College, the University’s initiative to send more of its students on study abroad experiences, have to take International Exchange classes as part of their College completion requirements.

Me-Walking-Young-Bull-in-TogoPhoto : Fieldwork with bulls, Okinoshima Island (August 2010)

The courses that I am teaching in the spring semester 2016 are available here:

Introduction to Japanese Studies II (Culture)

Culture I (Theory)


The courses that I am teaching in the fall semester 2013 are available here:


They give you an idea of the type of classes I teach. Please note that the contents might be different when MJSP actually starts in April 2015. I believe that studying should not be confined to the classroom and the university campus but encourage you to explore your environment to reflect on issues we discuss in class. I hope students will venture out into their immediate daily surroundings and engage in communication with local people, both to improve your Japanese language skills as well as to deepen your understanding of local and Japanese society. My courses are designed to promote independent thinking, teamwork and active discussion, and I encourage students to ask critical questions.